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Anti-Terrorism Training Video

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Film shoot at the Kent Police Training Centre

This was the first of its kind for me - I had never worked on a dramatized, training video before. It was an interesting eye-opener into not only the thought-provoking world of anti-terrorist training but also a sneaky peek into the living quarters of the police in training. The cast and crew stayed in the trainee police accommodation which was clean and neat …but basic!

Both the cast and crew were lovely on this small but important production. I was the sole Hair and Makeup Artist which is rare for me as usually I work as part of a team of at least 3 other makeup artists when doing film and tv jobs. But as the only Makeup Artist, I had to prep, plan and design the looks for each character myself and make sure I was given enough time to create those looks everyday. There were a good mix of ages and social and cultural appearances required for this shoot from well-groomed policemen, respectable Muslim parents and professional female social workers to groups of college students, teachers and a radicalised teenage boy. I had to do some decent research into some of these characters to ensure the training video could seem authentic and believable. Makeup had to be subtle and natural but accurate!